Basics Malaysian Sign Language: the development of mobile learning application


  • Juliana Mohamed
  • Nur Irdina Izzaty Salim
  • Eryna Misya Jamil
  • Ainnur Nazeera Mohd Nazri
  • Mariam Abdul Hamid
  • Mohd Hatta Mohamed Ali @ Md Hani
  • Mohd Suhaimi Md Yasin
  • Muhamad Hanif Jofri


sign language, application, ADDIE model, citizen, deaf people


Sign language can be difficult for citizen who wants to learn and communicate with deaf people. Lack of a right resources and platforms demanding people to know and learn. A mobile learning application called Basics Malaysian Sign Language was developed to address of this issue which enable user to learn basic sign languages and basic conversation. ADDIE model were used to implement the project. The application gives a positive effects especially for beginner user to assist the community in learning sign language. As a result, the community can communicates with each other especially to deaf people.





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Mohamed, J., Salim, N. I. I. ., Jamil, E. M. ., Mohd Nazri, A. N. ., Abdul Hamid, M., Mohamed Ali @ Md Hani, M. H. ., Md Yasin, M. S. ., & Jofri, M. H. . (2020). Basics Malaysian Sign Language: the development of mobile learning application. Multidisciplinary Applied Research and Innovation, 2(1), 200–208. Retrieved from




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