Go Green Practice: A Study on TVET Higher Learning Institution Students


  • Lee Ming Foong UTHM
  • Badaruddin Ibrahim Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
  • Marina Ibrahim Mukhtar
  • Lai Chee Sern


Malaysian Higher Learning Institution, go green practice, awareness, environmental sustainability


Climate change and global warming has become a hot debate topic throughout the world today. The human being who lives on this earth should actively engage with environmentally conscious activities for the sustainable procurement, even just a student by making a small change in their daily lifestyle. Go green practice is the daily activities to show the intention that they are doing something for the planet earth. Therefore, a study was conducted to investigate the go green practice level among the higher learning institution students. The measurement for go green practice is the difficulty level of daily activities, which consists of three stages, namely easy, moderate and difficult. Besides, this study also compared the differences in go green practice level between female and male students. The research design used for this study is a cross-sectional survey design to gathers data and draw inferences about a population at one point in time. A total number of 116 bachelor degree students in a technical university were randomly selected for this study. A self-rating questionnaire that consists of 27 items was used to measure the students’ go green practice level. The gathered data were analysed using mean score, standard deviation, frequency and percentage. The finding shows that majority of the students tend to have a good practice category in go green practice. In addition, the result also found that there is no significant difference in the score of easy and moderate level for go green practice between male and female students, but not for the difficult stage where female students tend to have higher score than the male students. In conclusion, the TVET students do have a good practice in go green in general. However, efforts to enhance students’ awareness in Go Green practice must strengthen to ensure the environmental sustainability.


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Ming Foong, L., Ibrahim, B., Ibrahim Mukhtar, M. ., & Chee Sern, L. . (2021). Go Green Practice: A Study on TVET Higher Learning Institution Students. Journal of Technical Education and Training, 13(1), 97-101. https://publisher.uthm.edu.my/ojs/index.php/JTET/article/view/7882