Service Quality at Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges: Perception According to Demographic Factors


  • Roger Bruce Mason Durban University of Technology
  • Sbongiseni Nelson Mbambo Durban University of Technology
  • & Magalingam Atheeshey Pillay Durban University of Technology


Service quality dimensions, stakeholders’ perceptions, demographic influence


TVET colleges are regarded as second-class educational institutions in South Africa. As a result, their enrolment targets are not being met, which is a problem for the development and growth of this educational sector. The objective of this paper is to identify whether students’ satisfaction with the service quality provided by TVET colleges differ according to selected demographic factors, and thus help to understand specific reasons for not meeting their enrolment targets. A survey of 301 respondents from six colleges, using a SERVQUAL questionnaire, comprised the methodology. The results showed little difference in satisfaction with service quality according to the demographic factors tested – all respondents were more or less equally dissatisfied with the service quality of their TVET colleges. Therefore, looking for reasons for the poor enrolment levels amongst the different demographic characteristics of the students is pointless. The poor service quality perceived is probably due to inadequate systems, or inadequate management or staff training, rather than failure to meet specific needs of students from different demographic types. Recommendations are provided for overcoming the poor service, and for further research.


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Author Biographies

Roger Bruce Mason, Durban University of Technology

Roger Mason is the Wholesale and Retail Leadership Chair at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town. Prior to this he was Professor of Marketing at Durban University of Technology.  His early career was in marketing in the motor industry and consulting in marketing and management to a wide variety of industries. He obtained his PhD from Rhodes University. His research focuses on retail management and leadership, and management, strategy and marketing, often using a cross disciplinary approach involving the chaos and complexity sciences. He has presented papers at international conferences in UK, USA, Europe and Africa, and published in international journals such as Management Decision, Journal of Retailing & Consumer Services, Journal of Promotion Management, Industrial Management and Data Systems, and Journal of Marketing Communications, as well as in South African journals.

Sbongiseni Nelson Mbambo, Durban University of Technology

Masters student, Department of Marketing and Retail Management

& Magalingam Atheeshey Pillay, Durban University of Technology

Lecturer, Department of Marketing and Retail Management,




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