Implementation of Digital Competency-Based Assessment in Turndown Service in The Hospitality Industry


  • Yoyoh Jubaedah Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Nenden Rani Rinekasari Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Neni Rohaeni Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Asep Maosul Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Shofa Fithriturrohmi Yusuf Politeknik Pariwisata NHI Bandung


Competency-based assessment, digital assessment, competency test, turndown services, vocational


The variety of assessment tools used in the Turn Down Service competency test in vocational education and still done manually using observation sheets is the reason for this research. Using increasingly advanced digital applications aims to develop an assessment model that aligns with the current learning process. This study aims to analyze the results of the implementation and quality of the digital-based Competency Based Assessment model on the Turn Down Service competency test in vocational education. The research uses a descriptive method to examine the implementation of competency-based assessment through observation and competence tests. Respondents are vocational school teachers and hospitality practitioners as internal and external examiners and interns at vocational schools. The researcher examined the data by the procedure and characteristic findings of the research. The researcher analyzed the interview and observational data qualitatively; however, we analyzed the competence tests quantitatively. The research finding showed that: (1) the model of digital competency-based assessment that has been implemented excels and covers the preparation, process, and result stages. The model fulfils the Standard Operating Procedure in Housekeeping Department. (2) The achieved competence in all vocational interns is competent according to the result of external and internal assessors through moderation. (3) Digital competency-based assessment model in the competence test achieved excellent quality after being analyzed by the inter-rater reliability test. The results of implementing digital Competency-Based Assessment in turndown services in the hospitality industry are analyzed based on performance at the preparation stage, process, and practice results. The performance results show that all students' competency achievements are competent at very high criteria. This research can be recommended to decision-makers in vocational education as an excellent reference for implementing this model in competency testing and fieldwork practice in the Housekeeping Department.


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Jubaedah, Y. ., Rinekasari, N. R. ., Rohaeni, N., Maosul, A., & Yusuf, S. F. (2022). Implementation of Digital Competency-Based Assessment in Turndown Service in The Hospitality Industry. Journal of Technical Education and Training, 14(2), 57–67. Retrieved from