Sensory Study on Persea Americana Durability as Seed-Based Flour Innovation


  • Syed Shikh Syed A Kadir
  • Abdul Rasid Abdul Razzaq
  • Abdul Wafi Abdul Rahman
  • Hairuddin Harun
  • Mohd Akmal Rohiat
  • Raden Mohd Farhan Helmy Raden Ismail
  • Fatin Amirah Abd Rahim


Avocado, Seed-Based Flour, Innovation Product


The avocado fruit, better known as Persea Americana, is a plant that has many nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamin A carbohydrates including its seeds. This study aimed to develop an avocado seed-based flour innovation product, evaluate based on sensory observations on the durability of avocado seed-based flour product innovation in terms of color, texture, odor and taste and identify suitability for packaging of avocado seed-based flour products. This study took 14 days to get the data to analyze. The study is based on observation and is recorded in a sensory research form that takes into account colors, textures, smells and flavors. As a result of the observations, there were changes in color, odor and taste while no changes in texture were noted. As a result of the research conducted, product development is well underway, and improvements need to be made so that innovative flour products can be marketed in the future.





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Syed A Kadir, S. S. ., Abdul Rasid Abdul Razzaq, Abdul Rahman, A. W. ., Hairuddin Harun, Mohd Akmal Rohiat, Raden Ismail, R. M. F. H. ., & Abd Rahim, F. A. . (2021). Sensory Study on Persea Americana Durability as Seed-Based Flour Innovation. Research and Innovation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training, 1(2), 190–196. Retrieved from