About the Journal

The Periodical of Research and Innovation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (RITVET) is a dynamic peer-reviewed publication that proudly releases issues twice a year. Dedicated to fostering intellectual exchange in the realm of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), RITVET serves as a platform for disseminating scholarly work. In addition to regular issues, RITVET periodically publishes review articles and special issues, each focusing on a specific sub-field of TVET. Authors are warmly encouraged to contact the Editors if they aspire to submit a review article or propose a special issue for inclusion in our proceedings.

At the core of RITVET's mission is the aim to facilitate the sharing of knowledge. RITVET eagerly considers submissions of original research articles, critical reviews, and technical reports in the fields of general machining, building construction, hospitality, welding and metal fabrication, electric and electronic, multimedia creative, air conditioning and refrigeration, as well as education & social science in TVET. Our broad scope encompasses a spectrum of topics, providing valuable insights that contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the issues and concerns within the expansive domain of TVET.

Aim: To share knowledge from students undergraduate and postgraduate final year projects

Scope: RITVET will consider for publications original research articles, critical reviews as well as technical reports from undergraduate and postgraduate final year project to understanding of TVET issues and concerns.