Ezzy Car Rental : A Solution for Online Car Rental Services

  • Nor Amirul Akmal Nor Azim
  • Sarah Iryna Mazlan
  • Nurleza Leman
Keywords: System Development, Online Car Rental


Ezzy Car Rental run their daily operation manually without any management system. A study is conducted to study their business operation and work process flow. Result of the study is used to gather system requirement suit with company business. Therefore an online car rental management system has been developed using PHP as programming language and MYSQL as database. This system has 2 main modules for potential client and administration. The objectives of project to upscale the rental car business and the same time provide good customer experience. A customer survey about online reservation system has been done. From the survey, 90% of respondent agree that the design and interface of online system is interactive and user friendly and 83% of respondent agrees that the performance of system is important which the system was capable to booking a car and get a status of booking directly.