Student Satisfaction On Hostel Facilities In Politeknik Kuching Sarawak


  • Jemien Entol Politeknik Kuching Sarawak
  • Yoong Chow Ho Politeknik Kuching Sarawak,
  • Tze Ching Ong Politeknik Kuching Sarawak


Politeknik Kuching Sarawak, hostel, satisfaction


Customer satisfaction for any institution must be the focus point due to this will invariably enhance the image of the institution and make it an attractive choice for prospective students‟. This study was directed to diploma students living in the on-campus hostels of Politeknik Kuching Sarawak (PKS) to investigate the level of satisfaction with students‟ hostel facilities. A quantitative study with a total of 394 questionnaires was distributed to the respondents based on a cluster sampling method. The data were analyzed with descriptive statistics in term of mean score. The results reveal that students were largely dissatisfied with the hostel‟s laundry facility (mean= 2.67) and the common rooms (mean= 2.80). This finding can be useful in the terms of continuous improvement of the hostel situation to the management in order to achieve aforementioned aims.


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