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The Sinking Earth

The Sinking Earth

Revenge Of The Soils : How Do We Survive

• ISBN : 978-967-5457-78-4

• Pengarang : Chee-Ming Chan

• Jumlah mukasurat : 122ms

• Harga : RM22.00

• Tahun : 2012

The Sinking Earth: Is it a joke?

No, it is not a joke. Neither is the book a premonition of how the Earth would end! It is simply a book on how we are running out of good grounds to build and accommodate our species, hence forced to develop on less favourable grounds of poor quality soils. With the tendency of these poor quality soils to undergo subsidence, construction of any kind is not possible without first treating the soils. This is what the book is all about: implementing scientifically formulated engineered methods as anti-sinking countermeasures for the soils. But behold, it is NOT another boring engineering book. Far from that, it is an ordinary book written for ordinary folks like you and me, who want to know why the sinking occurs and how we can effectively prevent it, in no other than ordinary language. We can all be enlightened in engineering matters, without the technical jargons, complex theories and above all, tiresome text.