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Reflectarray Antennas for Strategic Defense Technology

reflectarry-antennas-2 Reflectarray Antennas
for Strategic Defense Technology

• ISBN : 978-967-0468-01-3

• Penulis : Muhammad Yusof Ismail, Muhammad Inam Abbasi

• Jumlah mukasurat : 131ms

• Harga : RM22.00

• Tahun : 2012

This book is designed to present fundamental concepts and principles of reflectarray antenna design for strategic defense technology. The concepts of reflectarray antenna are explained in details relating to its basics on microwave propagation and Maxwell’s equations. Basic defense technology is briefly explained for the applicability of reflectarray antennas in defense systems.


•Detailed coverage of passive reflectarray design and fundamental comparison of reflectarray with existing parabolic reflector antennas.

•Comprehensive chapter on the strategies of bandwidth enhancement for defense applications.

•Brief discussions on analysis and measurement techniques of design considerations based on fabricated reflectarray antennas.

•Thorough explanation on electronic control methods of active reflectarray antennas with radar cross section optimization.

Reflectarray Antennas for Strategic Defense Applications offers an excellent insight on printed reflectarray antennas from the theoretical to the practical considerations; hence it is recommended to be used for design engineers, postgraduate students and researchers in communications technology.