Investigation of Using Plastic Waste in Asphalt Concrete Mixture as Binder Modifier


  • Mustafa Kamal Shamshuddin Student


Indirect tensile strength (ITS), Asphalt concrete (AC), Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)


Indirect tensile strength test (ITS) have been performed as performance test
of asphalt concrete mixture according to Marshall standard gradation type AC14.
There is a detrimental environmental effect of plastic waste products. The reuse of
plastic waste will enhance the properties in engineering construction projects such as
road paving bitumen and mixtures of asphalt. In order to decrease harmful of plastic
waste to the environment, it have been reused in asphalt concrete mixture as aggregate
replacement. The purpose of this study is to investigate the suitability of using plastic
waste in asphalt concrete mixture and to evaluate the durability of asphalt mixture
with plastic waste. This scope focused on the parameters of indirect tensile strength.
The plastic waste used in this study was in the form of granules of about 3 mm
diameter which PET type mineral bottles and the proportion used for this study about
0.2, 0.4 and 0.6% of percentage plastic waste. Method that had been used in this study
was indirect tensile strength test with Marshall procedure to conduct the study. The
result from the performed test showed that plastic waste also suitable for asphalt
modifier in certain percentage such as less than 0.2%. This is because of more percent
of plastic was added, it will reduce the durability of the asphalt concrete due to lose
the original characteristics of asphalt concrete mixture but it still relevant to use as
asphalt modifier in order to create potential to reduce the pollution. Utilization of
plastic waste was satisfying for asphalt concrete performance. For the
recommendation, the plastic waste to be used as a modifier in asphalt concrete must
not exceed 0.2 percent as it will reduce the durability of asphalt concrete mixture.
Performing another more tests in detail using same percentage of 0.2% to obtain more
criteria with respect to the decrease in durability of the asphalt concrete.




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