Cooling Tower System as Teaching Aids Tools for Vocational College and Air Conditioning Technology Program

  • Balqis Zahari UTHM
  • Khairul Anuar Abdul Rahman UTHM
  • Mohd Bekri Rahim
  • Faizal Amin Nur Yunus
  • Nizamuddin Razali
Keywords: Cooling tower system, teaching aids tools, air conditioning technology


The research was conducted is development of cooling tower system as teaching aids tools for vocational college and Air Conditioning Technology Program. The research was done to enhance student understanding about cooling tower system. In this study, Researcher have used ADDIE model as a guide to develop a cooling tower model. Next, the product verified by five expert once developed. The result, the product design is suitable as portable cooling tower system, suitable as teaching and usability as teaching aids tools. Conclusion, this cooling tower system can be used during teaching and learning sessions and can facilitate students' understanding of subtopic cooling towers.  Besides, this cooling tower system can be introduced for the purpose of upgrading and can be applied in vocational college, vocational school secondary school, public and private institution of higher learning.