Paper Bag Production Using Banana Stem Via Kraft Pulping Process


  • Muhammad Hazim Zairul Adli Centre for Diploma Studies, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
  • Muhammad Aiman Mohd Sharil
  • Adnin Afifi Nawi


non-wood, Banana stem, kraft pulping


The banana plant supplies us with numerous polymers such as cellulose,
hemicellulose, pectin, and lignin, which offer fibres with high mechanical qualities
in addition to the abundant nutrient-rich bananas. Recently, the planting of banana
trees is increasing which lead to an increase in the waste disposal of banana stems.
Banana is an annual crop and it generates a huge quantity of fibrous material as
waste from its leaves and stem; for every 60 kg of banana grown, 200 kg of the
waste stem is generated. This project aims to produce paper by using the banana
stem as non-wood raw material by using the kraft pulping method. Banana stem
from jackfruit banana tree, kapas banana tree and nipah banana tree were obtained
from banana farm around Kampung Parit Besar, Muar, Johor. The stem from each
aforementioned banana tree is the main materials in this project to produce paper by
the kraft pulping method as mentioned and finally analysed in term of absorbency,
ash content and moisture content. The findings of this project can be seen from the
two phases of an experiment conducted where the papers from the respective phases
differ from the other. The differences detected in the first phase are the papers are
thick, hard and have a rough surface while in the second phase, the papers are
thinner, softer and have smoother surfaces. To conclude the best paper produced
compared to the standard used is Kapas B which was produced in the second phase
of production. Kapas B is the best overall as it conquers ash content and moisture
content analysis while also being the third best in terms of absorbency which is not
that far from the standard. The suggestion on the best amount of pulp to be used is






Applied Sciences

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Zairul Adli, M. H., Mohd Sharil, M. A., & Nawi, A. A. (2023). Paper Bag Production Using Banana Stem Via Kraft Pulping Process. Multidisciplinary Applied Research and Innovation, 4(3), 164-70.

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