Smart Medicine Box With Mobile Application


  • Nur Azliza Ahmad
  • Norizzmier Asmawi
  • Arsyad Zairul
  • Ammar Amran


Medicine , Application, Internet of things Application (IoT).


A lot of medical issue is happen due to the facts that a lot of patients need
to deal with sorting a large amount of medicine everyday. This is the main reason of
the project Smart Medicine Box (SMB). This protoype is used to help the patients in
the area of remembering and helping people to take medicine. Main focus of SMB is
for the patients who need medical attentions more than the other. SMB is
programmable through mobile application that enable the doctor to deternmined the
schedule for the patients to take the medicine. The SMB contains twenty-one partition
that have twenty-one LED for the user can set the schedule based on week. SMB will
remind the patient by sending the notification through the mobile application and also
the LED will lights up when the time for eat the medicine have come.




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Ahmad, . N. A., Asmawi, N., Zairul, A., & Amran, A. (2023). Smart Medicine Box With Mobile Application. Multidisciplinary Applied Research and Innovation, 4(2), 265–272. Retrieved from



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