The Reviewing of Compression Strength and Moisture Content of Gigantocloa Albociliata


  • Mirzamaisara Amirudin Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
  • Nurul Anis Sofea Naziman
  • Nur Anis Fathini Shamsul Anwar


Bamboo, Borax, Acid Boric, Moisture, Compression


Nowadays, plywood is widely used in life, especially in the construction and furniture industries. This has become a trend for those who are interested in decorating the house with wooden elements. Nevertheless, the world is facing some problems for which bamboo may offer some solutions. The aim of this study is to innovate a bamboo in manufacture of plywood. Besides that, compared the new type of bamboo for innovating the current ply bamboo, to test the mechanical properties of the ply bamboo such as compression test and moisture content and finally analyze the result of ply bamboo and make a review with a Malaysian Standard MS544. The method that are used are comparing the result with MS544. This also includes finding materials cutting bamboo, treatment and testing. The bamboo, Gigantocloa Albochiliata that we have used is able to withstand a sustainable load of 25.4 MPa which is higher than the sustainable value of merbau wood and bamboo. However, the moisture content value of Gigantocloa Albochiliata bamboo is 21.1% which is higher than other species except for Schizotachyum Grande bamboo. The bamboo selected meets with Malaysia Standard MS544 Part 3. As conclusion, the study and project we completed demonstrated that this bamboo is suitable for furniture and finishing in the construction area.






Civil Engineering

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Amirudin, M., Naziman, N. A. S., & Shamsul Anwar, N. A. F. (2023). The Reviewing of Compression Strength and Moisture Content of Gigantocloa Albociliata. Multidisciplinary Applied Research and Innovation, 4(4), 34-41.