Sistem Pemantauan Banjir Secara Jarak Jauh


  • Nurin Izzati Arzemi Electrical Engineering Department, center
  • Nurfaraliyana Samburi
  • Yasmin Ayda Faizal Abbas


Flood, GSM module, SMS, LED, Arduino, Water level sensor


Floods and excessive rainfall are among the unavoidable phenomena. This flood disaster is not a new thing in Malaysia since Malaysia experienced heavy rain at a time. Usually, heavy rain will occur frequently during the monsoon season which is at the end of the year. This phenomenon can cause massive loss of people’s lives and destruction of infrastructure. So, to avoid any losses of property and people’s lives, a warning message should be sent to the public at an early stage as a safety precaution. In practice, disaster management agencies used variety of systems to monitor flood levels. However, most of these systems are extremely expensive and difficult to use and preserve. As a result, we develop an innovative, user-friendly water level measurement and also affordable system. The developed system uses a water level sensor in conjunction with Arduino microcontroller to measure the water level and determine whether the situation is safe, cautious or dangerous based on the predefined levels. Other than that, using a GSM module, the prototype will alert individuals and also authorities via short message service (SMS). It can accurately monitor the water level and display visual alert using light emitting diode (LED).




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Arzemi, N. I., Samburi, N., & Faizal Abbas, Y. A. (2022). Sistem Pemantauan Banjir Secara Jarak Jauh . Multidisciplinary Applied Research and Innovation, 3(1), 490–496. Retrieved from



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