Design and Analysis of Concentric Magnetic Gear for Speed Enhancer


  • Muhamad Hafiz Akmal Azhar Faculty Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Erwan Sulaiman


Concentric Magnetic Gear, Speed Reducer, Speed Enhancer


Magnetic gears have gotten a lot of attention and become rivalry to the mechanical gear in recent years. Among many types of Magnetic gear (MG), the Concentric Magnetic Gear (CMG) has been more focusing on research studies and development. With benefits delivered from MG such as high efficiency In the case of the magnetic gear, harmonics are used to an advantage by making use of specific characteristics of these harmonics to realize a gear action between input and output rotors. The MG has been designed and publish with the new structures that have been studied by the researcher in past year. There are many types of structure of CMG function as the speed reducer which the inner rotor moves at the high speed which resulted the outer rotor moves slowly between air gap and modulator. In this project, several types of methods had been proposed to design and analyses the performance of Concentric Magnetic Gear for speed enhancer. To analyses performance of Concentric Magnetic Gear Speed reducer. To propose the concept of Concentric Magnetic Gear speed reducer arranging magnet to apply in speed enhancer. The method using for design CMG speed enhancer is variable the reverse the amount PM of inner and outer CMG speed reducer. The amount of inner PM/outer PM of design for speed reducer is 12/28 while speed enhancer has been proposed is D1, D2 and D3. The result on this project that focused output torque, gear ratio and gear efficiency. The torque output produced more than torque input for the CMG speed enhancer. As a conclusion, the torque analysis has been analyzed and have been compared with other 3 design. The 28/12 CMG speed enhancer has the best performance of torque analysis in different speed that has been simulated by observing the graph and the mean of the torque.






Electrical and Power Electronics

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Azhar, M. H. A., & Sulaiman, E. (2022). Design and Analysis of Concentric Magnetic Gear for Speed Enhancer. Evolution in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 3(2), 400-410.

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