About the Periodical

Evolution in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEEE) is a peer reviewed, open-access Periodical which is aimed to help disseminate knowledge among the community. EEEE welcomes article submission for any original work and development in the field of electrical and electronics engineering that includes (but not limited to) Electrical Power, Communication, Control, Robotics, Computer, Networks, Microelectronics and Electronics Engineering. It is published twice a year (January and June) and there is no publication fee for the accepted manuscript.

The scopes of this Periodical are:

i. Electrical and Electronic Engineering

ii. Biomedical Engineering

iii. Computer Engineering

iv. Communication Engineering

v. Interdisplinary Engineering

vi. Process Technology

vii. Energy Technology

viii. Nanotechnology

x. Emergent Information Technology

xi. Artificial Intelligence

xii. Signal Processing