Shallow-Water Navigation Module for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles


  • Mohd Azlan Roslan fkee
  • Herdawatie Abdul Kadir


Shallow-Water Navigation Module, Global Positioning System,


In the new technological era, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) require a precise system for localization, positioning, path tracking, guiding, and control. Due to the limited utility of high-precision navigational methods such as GPS in the aquatic environment, the Inertial Navigation System (INS) is the primary navigational system for AUVs. The significance of unmanned underwater vehicles, navigation, and navigational precision is increasing. Without a driver in the loop, the vehicle's sensors must detect its position, orientation, and mobility. Numerous of these one-of-a-kind sensors rely on challenging acoustic measurements. The issue is determining how to utilise all available sensor inputs to provide a constant and reliable estimate of the localization state of the vehicle. AUVs are capable of remote operation, but they must change course to identify their stationing area. The AUV is still unstable in water, and research is ongoing to increase its location efficiency. This research investigates AUV localization utilising GPS.




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