Attitude and Motivation of University Students in Learning English


  • Zulida binti Abdul Kadir
  • Rosmahalil Azrol bin Abdullah
  • Sarala Thulasi Palpanadan
  • Siti Sara Zainal Abidin
  • Siti Salmiah Muhammad
  • Abdullah Adnan Mohamed


Gardner’s Attitude Motivation Test Battery, Integrative Motivation, Instrumental Motivation


The aim of this study is to examine the students’ motivation and attitude towards learning English as a second language from four Malaysian higher institutions. A random sampling of 471 respondents participated in this study. Using 28 items of an instrument, adapted from Gardner’s Attitude/Motivation Test Battery (AMTB), an online questionnaire was distributed to get the data. Students’ motivational level was found to be high with (M=6.37, SD=0.77, M=6.10, SD=0.82). Additionally, the respondents were having positive attitudes in learning English (M=4.07, SD=0.48).  With the findings, it is hoped that this can be a guidance for instructors to design a suitable lesson and approach to be used in the language classrooms.


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Zulida binti Abdul Kadir, Rosmahalil Azrol bin Abdullah, Sarala Thulasi Palpanadan, Siti Sara Zainal Abidin, Siti Salmiah Muhammad, & Abdullah Adnan Mohamed. (2021). Attitude and Motivation of University Students in Learning English. Development in Language Studies, 1(1), 48–55. Retrieved from