Synchronous Pendulums and Aliasing


  • Jia-Cherng Chong Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Wing-Fook Chong
  • Hood-Hong Ley Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Pendulum wave, physics education, aliasing,


We present the construction, mathematical relation and simulation of a 16-bob pendulum wave machine (PWM). Following small angle approximation, the PWM is a useful teaching aid to demonstrate free oscillations and periodic motion; it can also illustrate effects of aliasing in physics and engineering. The duration of pattern cycle is adjusted with a set of pendulum lengths that are dictated by a non-linear function followed by the outline of the PWM design aspects.


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Author Biographies

  • Jia-Cherng Chong, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Advanced Photonics Science Institute, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, PhD candidate
  • Hood-Hong Ley, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

    Department of Physics, Faculty of Science. PhD candidate.




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Chong, J.-C., Chong, W.-F., & Ley, H.-H. (2014). Synchronous Pendulums and Aliasing. Journal of Science and Technology, 6(2).