• Izran Bin Kamal Forest Research Institute Malaysia


structural, non-structural, uses, green technology


Increase of the awareness on the importance of protecting the environment has urged researchers around the globe to find ways to produce goods that can minimize harm to the environment. Biocomposite is a product that has been shown to be helpful in achieving this objective. Biocomposite is produced using natural or semi-natural materials, therefore it can easily be disposed, thus, minimize harm to the environment. Kenaf is a natural plant which has began to gain attention as a material in the production of biocomposite. Kenaf is selected as an additional alternative material for producing biocomposite because of its fast-growing properties which makes it capable to deliver a large volume of raw material in a short period of time. This paper reviews the use of kenaf as a material for biocomposite which is used for construction and non-construction purposes. Input from a variety of researches related to kenaf biocomposite as well as its uses are used for this review. It is hoped that this review will attract more people to use kenaf biocomposite, as well as encourage people to respond to the government’s call on green technology in order to preserve the environment.


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  • Izran Bin Kamal, Forest Research Institute Malaysia
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