The Dry and Light Interactive Composite System (DALICS) by Assembled Steel in Vietnam's Current Construction Industry


  • Nguyen Viet Huy Viet Huy National University of Civil Engineering
  • Pham Thuy Linh Thuy Linh Department of Architecture, Hanoi Architectural University Km 10 Nguyen Trai street, Hanoi, 100000, VIETNAM


the DALICS, assembled steel, dry construction, composte system, building industry


Since the colonial era, at the beginning of the 20th century, a totally new material started to be used in Vietnam by the French, which is assembled steel. After one hundred years, it occupies a certain position in the field of architecture and construction and development to be the dry and light interactive composite system. In this research, the author especially focuses on assembled steel of the Dry and light interactive composite system (DALICS) method.

The aim of this research was to analyze and evaluate the status of the DALICS nowadays in Vietnam, so that predict the orientation of its development in the future. The research method is  collect the data, interviewing the stakeholders, and the practical experiment through reality DALICS construction to prove its technologies and benefit. The result is connected with social context to contribute an overall view of Vietnam's current building industry, therefore, predicts the direction of the assembled steel frame and the DALICS method in the Vietnam building industry in the future.


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Author Biography

  • Nguyen Viet Huy Viet Huy, National University of Civil Engineering

    Dr.Arc DPLG Viet Huy Nguyen

    Lecturers at Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, National University of Civil Engineering

    DPLG - Architect degree issued by the French government, École Nationale supérieure d’architecture de Paris la villette.

    PhD in Urban Planning, Paris Panthéon University

    Master in Planning, Urban and Rural Space Development, Paris IV - Sorbone University

    DPEA – Degree in Urban in-depth Analysis, École d'architecture Paris-la Villette




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Viet Huy, N. V. H., & Thuy Linh, P. T. L. (2021). The Dry and Light Interactive Composite System (DALICS) by Assembled Steel in Vietnam’s Current Construction Industry . International Journal of Sustainable Construction Engineering and Technology, 12(1), 259-270.