Strategy for Energy-Efficient Office Building of Public University in Malaysia: Case Study


  • Mohamad Zamhari Tahir University College of Technology Sarawak
  • Mohd Nasrun Mohd Nawi Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • Faisal Zulhumadi Universiti Utara Malaysia


strategy, energy management, building energy index, energy efficiency, energy audit


Malaysia’s public university campuses should be a good example of pioneering efforts to achieve good energy efficiency in government-owned office buildings. While there is concern about achieving energy efficiency in office buildings, there are still many energy efficiency problems that cause an increase in operating expenses every year. Based on a preliminary energy audit of two main office buildings at two separate public university campuses in Malaysia, this study investigated possible strategies. During the audit process, there was a range of different approaches that were introduced and proposed, which include no-cost, low-cost, and high-cost energy measures. However, in addressing energy efficiency issues, there are three practical energy-saving measures to be considered, not only in the university’s main buildings but also in other government office buildings. Such energy-saving measures involve the lighting system, air-conditioning system, and building envelope. The measures chosen as a strategy described in this paper have been researched recently, or are currently on-going studies. All of these strategies have been and are being implemented in these two campuses, and are therefore examples of practical solutions that can be applied according to budget planning and annual budget allocations. The findings and strategies of this study are expected to be a form of guidance to address issues related to energy management in office buildings. The end of this paper provides some recommendations in future and similar studies that may be conducted for all office buildings within these two campuses containing different building designs and features.



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Tahir, M. Z., Mohd Nawi, . M. N., & Zulhumadi, F. (2021). Strategy for Energy-Efficient Office Building of Public University in Malaysia: Case Study. International Journal of Sustainable Construction Engineering and Technology, 12(1), 100-109.