Challenges of Landfill Operation in Tanjungpinang, Kepri, Indonesia


  • Seow Ta Wee
  • Zures Gustiabani Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
  • Sulzakimin Mohamed Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia


A controlled landfill is one of the ways to manage the waste generated, which is laid between open dumping and sanitary landfill. Ganet Landfill is the only one landfill located at the Tanjungpinang, Indonesia. Currently, this landfill face the operational problem and abundant to the environmental problems. This study consists of the three objectives, (i) to study the current problems of controlled landfill operation; (ii) to determine the challenges of controlled landfill operation affect the surrounding environment, and (iii) to suggest an improvement and innovation to the controlled landfill operation.  The case study was conducted at Ganet Landfill in Tanjungpinang, Indonesia as a controlled landfill. The qualitative method with the semi-structured interview instrument used in this research. The data collection involved four respondents from Ganet Landfill office and the Department of Public Housing and Peoples’ Settlement Riau Archipelago. Finding shown that the most dominant current problem in Ganet landfill is the lack of manpower, lack of heavy equipment, lack of land for the future, lack of infrastructure leading to unloading points. While the challenges faced in operating Ganet Landfill as a controlled landfill are meeting the needs of the present and future communities and spread knowledge about landfills among staff and the community. Therefore, the suggestion the improvement and innovation to the Ganet Landfill are change the controlled landfill to the sanitary landfill, cooperation with the private sector to improve the landfill operation, increase waste processing from households, and increase community concern about the landfill to make sure the controlled landfill is in line with sustainable development at the local and national perspective.


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