Thermal Properties Evaluation of Pavement Mixture: A Review


  • muhammad syazwan ahmad shukri UTHM
  • Nurul Hidayah Mohd Kamaruddin


Thermal Properties, Pavement Mixture, Hot Mix Asphalt


Asphalt mixture is generally a temperature-sensitive material. The
mechanical properties and efficiency of this asphalt mixture can often change
significantly with temperature. It is necessary to use the elevated temperature to dry
the aggregate, coat them with asphalt binder and achieved the desired workability.
Despite of that, climatic factor is the biggest problem for asphalt binder. The aim of
this study is to conduct a simple literature review on the thermal properties evaluation
of pavement mixture. The literature search used repositories database (ScienceDirect,
Google Scholar, Scopus, Google) and have identified in 13 articles. Based on the
review, there are various method have been used to measure the thermal properties of
pavement mixture. The factor such as density and additive in asphalt binder can give
effect on the thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity.




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