A Review on the Use of Waste Plastic Material in Pavement


  • Muhammad Haqimi Zulkafle University Tun Hussien Onn
  • Nasradeen . A . Khalifa Universiti Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia


Plastic waste, Road pavement condition, Bitumen mixture, road maintenance


The constant growth in road traffic combined with a lack of maintenance owing to the lack of funds has culminated in the deterioration of Malaysia's road network. While plastics are beneficial items, the disposal of such waste has become a problem in world wide. One of the usable disposals of plastic waste is that it is transformed into valuable items, such as those that may be found in the production of bituminous pavements. The aim of this research is to identify the stability of asphalt bitumen with plastic waste as addictive, based on the previous research and to compare the experimented result with the conventional pavement details and mixed pavement details.as well as to identify the optimum proportion of plastic waste to be applied to the bitumen mixture. To achieve these objectives, the researcher  conducted a research review study, based on the  data from up to 54 previous published research papers either with the same topic or with the related subject. Based on the  review the result shows that adding plastic waste in the bitumen resulted in an increase in the properties of bitumen and aggregate Reduces the quantity of bitumen up to 9-10 % by weight. Therefore, The usage of plastic waste may also have positive environmental and economic advantages, taking into consideration the possible consequences of the elimination of many million metric tonnes of plastic waste is the potential money savings to construct a road




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