Factors Influencing Consumer Satisfaction Towards E-hailing Service Among Malaysian


  • Daphine Yeo Hooi Ann
  • Muhammad Ammar Shafi FPTP, UTHM


E-hailing service, Consumer satisfaction, Malaysian


E-hailing services are on-demand vehicles acquisition services that rely
on Internet connectivity and the usage of a specialised digital application.
Customers' need for online transportation has grown with the launch of e-hailing
apps, due to the convenience it provides in recent times. The legalisation of ehailing services in Malaysia has accelerated the industry's expansion. However, ehailing does not have a fixed rate pricing during peak hour like others public
transport, in which this has cause dissatisfaction of consumer for paying extra
charges. As a result, the purpose of this study was to examine the most
dominant factors influencing consumer use of e-hailing services in Malaysia, as
well as to assess the relationship between factors influencing consumer
satisfaction and e-hailing services in Malaysia. In this study, the quantitative
method was applied. The questionnaires have been distributed to the respondents
in Malacca, Malaysia, using Google Forms. The data was collected and analysed
using the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS), with a response rate of
39.06 percent. The descriptive analysis revealed that perceived ease of use was
one of the most important factors influencing the use of e-hailing services in
Malacca. E-hailing service and perceived convenience showed a significant
relationship. While there was no significant relationship between e-hailing and
mobile payment, price, perceived ease of use, or perceived usefulness. The
findings could be used as a reference for future e-hailing companies




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