Temperature Reduction at Housing Scheme towards Sustainable Development


  • Ong Sie Lee
  • sulzakimin mohamed UTHM


landscape design, temperature, housing development


Landscape design can support in temperature reduction for housing development and also can contribute to the beautification of surroundiong. It is a way in supporting the notion of sustainable development. Since the increase of  temperature issues have been ubiquitously reflected to our environment; greenhouse Chlorofluorocarbon gasses (CFC) and urban heat effects, it is imperative to control or make improvement on our care of the planet. Therefore, instead of installing air-conditioning insides a house, landscape design is strongly recommended. It is a long-term cost effective and environmental approach to minimize the consumption of energy as well as reduce surrounding temperature simultaneously. This research is a study of tree planting as a landscape design at housing scheme as natural indoor temperature control. This is a way that offers benefits towards sustainable development..




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