Factors Influencing the Satisfaction Level of Medical Tourist in Malaysia


  • Pang Hui Ting
  • R. Chandrashekar Dr.


Medical Tourism, Satisfaction Level, Inbound Tourist


Medical tourism refers to the act of traveling to other countries for medical
treatment, dental care, and surgical care, etc. Malaysia is one of the world-famous
medical destinations, including Brunei, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. The
current problem statement is some other developing ASEAN countries such as
Philippines and Nepal do not provide high-quality healthcare, sufficient resources and
infrastructure so they do not have the chance to get medical services in their own
countries. Therefore, this research is significant to study what are the factors
influencing the satisfaction level of inbound tourist who visit to Malaysia for medical
care. The Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) will be used to examine the
data. During the whole research process, the researcher distributed questionnaire to
384 inbound ASEAN tourists in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and 240 respondents
agreed to participant in the research. The results show that all the variables (Cost,
Quality, Facility, Service and Environment of medical care) are positively correlated
to the satisfaction level of medical tourist.




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