Design and Development of Pet Carrier Travel Box


  • Mohamad Luqmanul Hamri Abd.Malek Universiti Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia
  • Shaiful Rizal Masrol


Packaging Design, Corrugated Box, Pet Carrier Travel Box, Chicken


Pet animal especially chicken usually been carried out in a closed container such as pet cage and special box or bag for travelling and transportation. However, in pet poultry transportation it always concerns about animal welfare, stressful condition exposure, cleanliness, appropriate dimensions, highly price and sustainability of material. Therefore, this study objects is to design and develop a paperboard pet carrier travel box (PTCB) for pet poultry travelling and transportation especially chicken. Different corrugated material namely A-Flute, B-Flute, E-Flute and AB-Flute were evaluated. Design process was conducted through several phase which are concept development, concept selection, CAD model development via Solidworks, finite element analysis (FEA) via Solidworks simulation, functional prototype development, quality testing (drop, lift and transportation) and feedback survey. Results observed that AB flutes corrugated board is the most suitable material for the developed PTCB. In conclusion, the developed corrugated board pet carrier box in this study is recommended to be applied in local pet poultry application.




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