Portable Local Exhaust Ventilation Unit for Welding Fumes


  • Nur Nabilah Rosli Faculty of Engineering Technology, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Pagoh, 84600, Johor, MALAYSIA
  • Mohd Fuad Yasak


Local Exhaust Ventilation, Hood, Welding fumes


Exposure to harmful contaminants, especially in welding can cause nausea, fainting or dizziness if there is no proper personal protective equipment and extraction of fumes produced from the welding process. There are no existing local exhaust ventilation unit in Makmal Teknologi Mekanikal Loji UTHM Pagoh, leading to difficulties in conducting welding processes to students and lectures. The harmful fumes from welding will be inhaled by students and lecturers that could lead to a series of health risk. Nowadays, the price of a new local exhaust ventilation unit is expensive. Thus, leading the idea of fabricating portable LEV unit for the laboratory. Local exhaust ventilation unit is very important to avoid unwanted health risk. This study aims to design three LEV model using SOLIDWORKS, fabricate LEV prototype and test performance of the prototype. The scope study are testing is conduct in 1m x 1m x 1m cupboard, arc welding is used with 0.4 A, three types of hood will be used, ducting with a size of 38.8 mm and 3ply facemask as filter. The conical hood shows better suction compared to other types of hood. Several parameter can be observed for better performance of LEV: selection of hood must be suitable for the types of work, placed hood 45o from workpiece and placed hood not greater than 100mm from workpiece for better capture efficiency.




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