Study of Vehicle Characteristics of Quarter Car Model In MATLAB/Simulink


  • Arjunan Nadarajan Universiti Tun Hussein Onn
  • Muhammad asri azizul


suspension system, degree of freedom, unsprung mass, sprung mass


The automotive industry has been growing as the world largest economic sector by revenue for a long time. The need of a vehicle for people have been increasing ever since automotive industry exploiting the technology for their uses. One of the most important system in automotive industry is suspension system. There have been variety of models and designs that been produced and used for vehicles ever since the first vehicle was made. As the suspension system are getting sophisticated, the need of comfortable ride comfort and smooth ride performance are the key to consumers. The factual information on passive suspension systems are lacking and research are needed to be done in order to obtain the data on passive suspension system used in earlier day’s suspension systems. This study mainly focuses on the simulation of a quarter car on MATLAB/Simulink to obtain the graphical data based on the performance of the suspension system. One of the ways of conducting a simulation for a vehicle is by constructing a mathematical model and form an equation of motion. The method used to obtain the data from the quarter car is from the sprung and unsprung mass. The data collected from graphs was later analyzed and discussed. Data collected and block diagram used in this simulation can be used for further detailed research purpose.




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