IoT Smart Room Temperature Based Microcontroller


  • Nurain Hidayah University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
  • Dalila binti Misman


I, Microcontroller, Smart room temperature, monitoring


This project describe about the temperature control system that applied in the Smart Room Temperature. This Smart Room Temperature uses a microcontroller to produce an automation function. This project uses a microcontroller as it is the main component. The PIC18F45K22 is used where it able to control the heater and cooler that it received the command from the coding that burn into the microcontroller. The system is equipped with the real time monitoring which is use a Bluetooth technology where the Bluetooth will send the data to the user. This can be consider as one of the IoT platform that the technology rising rapidly in this century. IoT is a network of physical objects or items embedded in electronic devices, sensors and network communication that allows data collection and sharing of these object.




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