IoT Monitoring System for Vending Machine


  • Nisaa Yasmin bt Nor Izuddin Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
  • Huda bin A Majid


Internet of Things (IoT), Blynk, Vending Machine, Vending Machine Controller (VMC)


This project is to develop an IoT Monitoring System for Vending

Machine which could solve the problem of vending machine owners having to

manually go to the vending machine and check the stocks. A prototype of wireless

remote access for the vending machine was made by using a few components and

the Blynk app on the phone to develop an IoT monitoring system for the status and

availability of product which also provides an end user platform. The prototype

consists of two parts, the dummy VMC and also a NodeMCU connected to the WiFi

network. The prototype works when the dummy VMC displays the number of

stocks on the display attached and the Blynk app displaying the same number on the

dummy VMC. This project is to help vending machine owners in restocking by

reducing the cost of transportation and manpower to restock the items. By

developing this project and implementing IoT, the interest of the audience in the

electronic industry in the vending machine area will be enhanced. This project

report will fully provide the complete information and progress on how the IoT

monitoring system for vending machine is made.




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