Removal of Oil Waste by iron oxide Biochar Prepared from Sugarcane Bagasse


  • Pushpa latha A/P Subramaniam Pushpa Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia


Magnetic Biochar, Sugarcane bagasse, Waste Cooking Oil


Nowadays, the dissolution of microsized oil droplets from water is strongly
required by the environmental protection. Oil pollution has become a severe
environmental issue and has attracted global concern. However, the oil released from
household activities particularly cooking and bathing, could contaminate the
surrounding environment and human health. The presence of contaminants in oil
waste raises concerns as small quantities of organic chemicals have been shown to be
carcinogenic to mammals and can pose a risk to both human health and aquatic
organisms. Therefore, the presents study investigated the performance of iron oxide
sugarcane bagasse biochar in the removal of oil waste from aqueous solution. The
iron oxide sugarcane bagasse biochar is produced using co-precipitation method of
iron chloride (FeCl3) and iron sulphate (FeSO4). Then, the magnetic biochar is
characterized by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and Scanning
Electron Microscope (SEM). The efficiency of the magnetic biochar in removing oil
waste are measured by performed a batch experiment with different iron oxide
biochar dosages, oil waste concentration and contact time. At the end of the
experiment, the iron oxide sugarcane bagasse biochar is separated by using a magnet.
The optimum performance condition of the iron oxide sugarcane biochar is then
undergone three cycles of adsorption process to determine the adsorption capacity.
From the results of the adsorption experiment, the optimum separation of oil waste
was achieved when contact with 0.25% concentration of oil,1.5g of magnetic
sugarcane bagasse biochar at 120 seconds with separation efficiency of 99%. After
performed three cycle of adsorption process, the iron oxide biochar still showing an
excellence removing performance which towards zero waste production could be
achieved. The findings constitute that the iron oxide sugarcane bagasse biochar is
efficient to be used in removal of waste cooking oil from aqueous solution. Thus, the
prospect of iron oxide biochar utilization is promising as it is can customized for
specific environmental applications.




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