Investigation on Flame Characteristics of a Flameless Combustor Ignition System Using Spiral Nozzle


  • AMIRUL HAFIZI AHMAD LAZIM University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia


Temperature profile, length of flame, ignition, spiral nozzle


Nowadays, combustion is one of the industrial procedures for
heating, drying, shrinking, and polymerizing. Combustion
generates hot air, which is subsequently channelled to selected
locations for utilisation. The purpose of this study was to
discover and learn about the fire characteristics that occur
when a spiral nozzle is utilised. The challenge of initiating the fire
in the combustor chamber was one of them. The research
objectives are as follows: to establish the best operating method
for igniting and firing up the combustor chamber. Experiments
were carried out in the automobile lab of the Faculty of
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering FKMP during the
project's preliminary testing. To conduct out this investigation.
This experiment was carried out using premixing (air pressure
and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and air pressure). For this
experiment, an aapparatus such as 1 LPG gas barrel, an air
compressor, pipe tubing size 10, 2 flow metres for air and LPG
gas, a spiral nozzle 12 inch, and a blow torch to light the fire. Five
thermocouples were employed, with a 5 cm space between
them. Researchers will be able to overcome the firing up
problem during preheating as a result of this research. damaging
to the environment. The use of flameless combustion will help to
extend the life of the equipment by ensuring that there is no
flame present in the combustion chamber.




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