NPC-WIPER: File Wiper Tool using NonPrintable Characters


  • Fazirah Natasha Baharudin student
  • Kamarudin Malik Mohamad


File wiping, Randomized non-printable characters


Abstract: NPC-WIPER is a file wiping tool that is used to delete Pdf file type permanently from a device. This tool is proposed as the information that has been deleted still remains in device and can lead to loss of sensitive data. Other than that, a simple deletion and formatting is not enough in protecting the data from being loss.  

The objective of this tool is to ensure that the deleted file is not able to be recovered using recovery tools and can protect the user confidentiality by hiding the sensitive information from other people. The tool is developed using C# programming language and the methodology used to complete this project is Object-Oriented Software Development (OOSD).  The NPC-WIPER will overwrite the Pdf file type with randomized non-printable characters. In conclusion, the sensitive information of user will be protected by permanently delete the file.





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Baharudin, F. N., & Mohamad, K. M. (2022). NPC-WIPER: File Wiper Tool using NonPrintable Characters. Applied Information Technology And Computer Science, 3(2), 197–208. Retrieved from