Adami Tuition Centre Management System Using AES Encryption and CAPTCHA


  • Meer Hazeeq Mustapha Son
  • Shamsul Kamal Ahmad Khalid


web-based, client-server mode, management


Many tuitions centre or franchisees still use a manual record management system to maintain personal records of their students and tutor, or any other paper documents in their business environments, despite the fact that we live in a digital age. The management system discussed in this project is focused on the educational centre. The person in charge of management tasks, such as admin, management, is the user of this system. This system has the potential to organize and safeguard large amounts of data while also reducing the use of paper. The database application technique is used to manage all of the tasks. The tutor and student of database elements can result in more structured data in the system. This system operates in a client-server model. It is a web-based programmed that requires the use of an internet browser to function. This tuition management system will reduce the inefficient method now in use. This system can serve as a vehicle for expressing the planning, analysis, design, implementation, and testing of this system.




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