Recyclable Waste Management System for Tzu Chi Recycling Activities


  • Jing Yin Liaw UTHM
  • Nureize Arbaiy UTHM


Recyclable waste, Database, Information Management System


A recycling collection center is an organization that collects recycled
materials for the purpose of resale or conversion to other products. these centers
are usually run by companies or individuals. However, there are several issues
encountered in managing activities at recycling center including manual entry for
data storage, manpower task management, and lack of a systematic system to
support recycling activities. To support recycling activities at the case study
location, Tzu Chi, a system was developed for administrators, volunteers, and
drivers at this recycling center. The system allows users to keep records of recycled
waste collected in a database. Administrators can retrieve records to generate
reports, create payment invoices, and control task management. The system was
developed with a prototype-based methodology and system analysis was conducted
in an object -oriented approach. This system was developed with MAMP, PHP, and
Sublime. Through this system, users at the recycling center can manage their
recycling activities more efficiently especially the management of their operational
data. The system is also expected to keep all records of recycling waste, the
activities, and other related transaction record in the database.




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