Pembangunan Aplikasi e-Pembelajaran yang Interaktif


  • Nurul Najwa Binti Sallehudin UTHM
  • Hannani Binti Aman


Mobile Application, e-learning


An interactive e-Learning application for KEMAS Simpang Tiga Kindergarten students is an interactive application that applies the concept of e-learning. The purpose of the development of this application is to help teachers and students carry out online learning activities. The app allows teachers to upload learning and training content. In addition, students can also submit exercises that have been given by the teacher by uploading documents or by using the whiteboard function. Moreover, teachers can also interact with students. Next, teachers can update the bulletin about kindergarten. Furthermore, teachers can also update reports based on training scores. Students can also view their reports. Through this application, teachers can conduct learning sessions without face to face with students. The methodology used to implement this project is the Prototype model methodology. At the end of this project, it is hoped that this application is successfully developed and can help teachers and students to conduct learning sessions.




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Binti Sallehudin, N. N., & Binti Aman, H. (2023). Pembangunan Aplikasi e-Pembelajaran yang Interaktif . Applied Information Technology And Computer Science, 4(1), 1771–1785. Retrieved from