Design and Development of Food Ordering System on Web Based Technology


  • Kit Joo Huan 0182838160
  • Hairulnizam Bin Mahdin 0167893879


Online Food Ordering System, Web-based, Waterfall Model


In the digital era, the online ordering system has become a trend no matter in which area and field. For example: entertainment, food, and others. It plays an important role because it provides convenience for people. Hence, the system should not be too complicated because people are busy with their work. It may consume people a lot of time if the system is complicated. From this, the food ordering system for this project should be easy for parents to use. The process of ordering food should be simple and fast. Nowadays, pandemic Covid-19 is increasing gradually. Hence, the queuing system when buying food is not allowed in order to decrease people suffering from Covid-19. Therefore, an online food ordering system was developed for SJK(C) Chung Hwa to control the distance between each others. This system allows parents to pre order food for their children online without having to appear physically in the canteen. Besides, this system also allows the canteen operator to manage systematically. This system is a web-based system, all users can access via browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer and so on. The users must have an internet connection to view this website. The Waterfall model acts as a guide for the development of this web-based system. The phases included in the waterfall model are analysis, design, implementation and testing. Each phase has their own task for helping to develop this system. This system is expected to help in controlling the pandemic Covid-19. Parents can order food in the form of contactless. The payment can be done by using an e-wallet. Then, this system also helps users to save their time by eliminating the manual process. Lastly, this system also helps the canteen operator to manage the canteen in a better way. All data will be saved into the database, this makes the system more manageable.







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Huan, K. J., & Hairulnizam Bin Mahdin. (2023). Design and Development of Food Ordering System on Web Based Technology. Applied Information Technology And Computer Science, 4(1), 446-465.