A Development of Inventory Management System for Perodua Maintenance Department


  • Nurlisa Azmi uthm
  • Noraini Ibrahim


inventory management system, maintenance, maintenance department


Perodua Maintenance Inventory Management System is a system which act for managing the inventory system of a maintenance department that handles the spare parts storing needs for maintaining machinery. The problem that are often encountered are the inefficiencies and error that occurred in quantity tracking due to over reliance on paperwork and spreadsheet. Thus, the system would help to reduce errors and employees will be able to trace the use and return of any spare parts item used from the store using barcode approach. This system could be used to maintain inventory details, the process of inputting and outputting spare parts, updating stock, managing employees, generating reports, requesting and approval order. This project will make use of the System Prototyping Model as an approach to develop the inventory system. The system would also go as far as advocating the usage of programming languages such as PHP, that will be utilized as the primary toolkit, and Structured Query Language (SQL) for the database. The system would provide a rapid innovation of performance and efficiency with less time and energy.




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