Mobile Voting Application for Campus Election




Mobile Voting, Secure Mechanism, Voting


Campus election is one of the organised procedure elections that choose a student as one
of the authorities in student council. Most of the institutes in past years performed the
voting system using paper ballot system, which will take time to get the result and have
the possibility to misplace the voting paper which lacks secure mechanisms. Apart from
that, some universities use the electronic machine to vote for student affairs election. So
as a solution the development of online platforms now acts as a base to student voting
methodology. The online voting application is built using object-oriented analysis and
design methodology which have requirement phase, design phase, implementation phase,
verification phase and maintenance phase. The purpose to using online platforms is to
reduce the workload and also to organise a stable election without any error. Apart from
that, online elections can be secured with security features to prevent the confidentiality
and integrity of the votes by applying multi-factor authentication and email verification.
Mobile voting application is latest and secure technology to begin with if there are security
mechanisms like MFA token and email verification. Full release APK application file will
be tested by the (MMP) UTHM students. So, they can verify the functionality of the
campus mobile voting application.




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