Hadis Moderasi Beragama dalam Pancasila sebagai Usaha Mewujudkan Bangsa yang Harmoni


  • Mohamad Barmawi UIN KHAS Jember
  • Muhammad Uzaer Damairi
  • Abdur Rahman W


Moderasi, Hadis, Falsafah, Pancasila



Religious moderation means maintaining a harmonious life together in a pluralistic life in which there are various differences. Pancasila as a philosophy in Indonesia is an effort made by the leaders to create a peaceful life in the frame of difference. This formulation was made because Indonesia is a country in which there are various differences, both in ethnicity, culture, language, and even beliefs. The population, who is predominantly Muslim, demands a formulation based on religion, so it is very possible that the formulations in the Pancasila points are in line with religious teachings.

In a study that uses qualitative and literary methods, it aims to reveal the contribution of moderation traditions in the formulation of Pancasila as an effort to create a harmonious nation. And this study succeeded in making conclusion, that the formulations contained in the items of Pancasila are in accordance with the values ​​of the traditions regarding religious moderation.




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Mohamad Barmawi, Muhammad Uzaer Damairi, & Abdur Rahman W. (2022). Hadis Moderasi Beragama dalam Pancasila sebagai Usaha Mewujudkan Bangsa yang Harmoni. Advances in Humanities and Contemporary Studies, 2(2), 134–144. Retrieved from https://publisher.uthm.edu.my/periodicals/index.php/ahcs/article/view/5181