Utilization of Pili Nutshells (Canarium Ovatum) as Aggregates


  • Jordan Pocaan Bicol University, Philippines
  • Jessa Mae Batalla Bicol University, Philippines
  • Junela Aguilar Bicol University, Philippines
  • Tracy Marbella Bicol University, Philippines
  • Mark Leandrow Bacolod Bicol University, Philippines
  • Nathaniel Gonzales Bicol University, Philippines


Concrete, Materials, Stregnth, Mixture, Pili


This study exploredthe use of pili nutshells as aggregates andthe economic value compared to standard aggregates. It involved observation, experimentation, analysis, and interpretation of data to determine the most appropriate design mixture of pili nutshells in concrete and the compressive strength of concrete using shells to ascertain its suitability as a replacement to aggregates in the production of the concrete mixture. Findings revealed that standard mixture and concrete with 25% pili nutshells replacement as fine aggregates has high workability. However, concrete with 25% pili nutshells replacement as coarse aggregates had medium workability. Furthermore, standard concrete is more economical compared to concrete with pili nutshells as coarse and fine aggregates. Researchers concluded that pili nutshells are more effective as fine aggregates than as coarse aggregates. Further studies on the properties/components of pili nutshells shall be made to determine the necessary treatment before they can be used as aggregates

Author Biography

Jordan Pocaan, Bicol University, Philippines

Faculty, Sorsogon State University




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Pocaan, J., Batalla, J. M. ., Aguilar, J., Marbella, T., Bacolod, M. L., & Gonzales, N. (2022). Utilization of Pili Nutshells (Canarium Ovatum) as Aggregates. Journal of Sustainable Materials Processing and Management, 2(1), 56–63. Retrieved from https://publisher.uthm.edu.my/ojs/index.php/jsmpm/article/view/11120