Rise of Big Data Due to Hybrid Platform of Cloud Computing and Internet of Thing


  • Arif Ullah UTHM


Cloud computing, Internet of thing, CloudIoT paradigm, CC and IoT challenges


Cloud computing and internet of thing are two main technology which are used in different field of life. Cloud resources are providing as universal tools and any user can rent and release these services with the help of internet. It becomes 21st century technology due to combination of high bandwidth communication and low cost computing with storage. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network comprised of physical objects capable of gathering and sharing electronic information. IoT includes a wide variety of “smart†devices, from industrial machines that transmit data about the production process to sensors that track information about the human body. The integration of these two technologies is known as CloudIoT paradigm. The adoptions of CloudIoT paradigm in the different field of life bring huge change. This paper presents a comprehensive review of the current literature on integration of CC and IoT along with their opportunities in different field of life and due to these two technology Big data issue occur.




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