Two-Element MIMO Crack Finger Microstrip Antenna for Hand-Held Devices


  • Nassrin I. M. Elamin
  • Loai A. A. Alabid
  • Mohammed Gismalla Postdoc Research Fellow
  • Najib Al-Fadhali


Crack finger, micro-strip antenna, MIMO, 2_elemnt, 2.4 GHz antenna


in this paper, we studied the effect of mutual coupling between MIMO antennas and a method is proposed to reduce it between 2-element micro-strip MIMO antenna systems for handheld devices. To reduce mutual coupling between the MIMO antenna element a separate ground plane is designed and the two elements are positioned on the edges of the 2-element MIMO antenna system. A novel idea defined in order to reduce mutual coupling between the closely spaced micro-strip patch elements is adding finger shapes at the edge of each patch antenna to design a new crack finger micro-strip the fingers generate capacitance in between which improved the matching between the patch and the Micro-strip transmission line as well as the mutual coupling reduced from -25 dB to -40 dB. The simulation results showed that the 2-element MIMO system covered the frequency of 2.4 GHz, and the gain and directivity are 6.149 dB and 4.399All the simulations were carried out in CST Microwave Studio.




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M. Elamin, N. I., A. Alabid, L. A. ., Gismalla, M. ., & Al-Fadhali, N. (2022). Two-Element MIMO Crack Finger Microstrip Antenna for Hand-Held Devices. Journal of Advanced Industrial Technology and Application, 3(2), 18–23. Retrieved from