Design an Intelligent System to automatically Tutor the Method for Solving Problems


  • Hien D. Nguyen University of Information Technology
  • Dung A. Tran University of Information Technology
  • Huan P. Do Tien Giang Department of Information and Communication
  • Vuong T. Pham Sai Gon University


Intelligent tutoring system, chatbot, intelligent problem solver, knowledge engineering


Nowadays, intelligent systems have been applied in many real-word domains. The Intelligent chatbot is an intelligent system, it can interact with the human to tutor how to work some activities. In this work, we design an architecture to build an intelligent chatbot, which can tutor to solve problems, and construct scripts for automatically tutoring. The knowledge base of the intelligent tutoring chatbot is designed by using the requirements of an Intelligent Problem Solver. It is the combination between the knowledge model of relations and operators, and the structures of hint questions and sample problems, which are practical cases. Based on the knowledge base and tutoring scripts, a tutoring engine is designed. The tutoring chatbot plays as an instructor for solving real-world problems. It simulates the working of the instructor to tutor the user for solving problems. By utilizing the knowledge base and reasoning, the architecture of the intelligent chatbot are emerging to apply in the real-world. It is used to build an intelligent chatbot to support the learning of high-school mathematics and a consultant system in public administration. The experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed method in comparison with the existing systems.


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Nguyen, H. D., Tran, D. A., Do, H. P., & Pham, V. T. (2020). Design an Intelligent System to automatically Tutor the Method for Solving Problems . International Journal of Integrated Engineering, 12(7), 211–223. Retrieved from