IR-UWB Radar Sensor for Fine Human Motion Detection


  • Razak Mohd Ali Lee Universiti Malaysia Sabah
  • Terence Jerome Daim Universiti Malaysia Sabah


IR-UWB, fine human motion detection, radar


Fine human motion detection in contact-less manner based on radar technology is increasingly appealing research efforts among researchers and one of the promising approach that have garnered research momentum in recent years is IR-UWB radar. IR-UWB radar is a kind of radar sensor that was developed from combining UWB and radar technology. Being a technology that offers unique capability of penetrability, high temporal resolution, low power consumption and emits non-ionizing electromagnetic waves, IR-UWB radar sensor is an encouraging fusion of radar and UWB technology that can be leveraged into many useful extensive number of application. In this paper, a preliminary study of detecting fine human motion using IR-UWB radar sensor is presented where a system model based on the IR-UWB radar sensor operation on fine human motion detection is described. For testing, this work employs a right hand and fingers. Based on the tests, the movement of right hand and fingers can be discriminated accurately at a distance of between 5cm to 10cm with minor occurrence of noises.


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